Considering filing a petition for Boundary Change within Franklin, Johnson, Massac, or Williamson county?

The power to make decision regarding school district reorganization by accepting or rejecting proposals for school district boundary changes, consolidations, divisions, and dissolution is held by the Regional Board. They are granted this duty in Article 7 of the Illinois School Code, a part of state law that deals with public education issues.

Annexation fees are paid by the petitioner, and a down-payment of $1000 is required. Additional fees incurred will be charged to the petitioner.

The Regional Board of School Trustees is a 7-member board that is elected during Consolidated Elections held in April of even numbered years. This unpaid group consists of at least one resident of each of the four counties. Upcoming scheduled meeting dates are:

  • July 8, 2019
  • October 7, 2019
  • January 6, 2020
  • April 6, 2020
  • July 6, 2020
  • October 6, 2020

All meetings will be held in Williamson County at the Administrative Building 2nd Floor Conference room unless a petition being heard concerns another county in which case we will announce a change of venue and post on our website. If there is no business to conduct, the meetings are cancelled. The Board may also call special meetings if there is urgent business they need to conduct.

The Regional Superintendent of Schools serves as ex-officio Secretary of the board. S/he handles the scheduling and the paperwork. The Regional Superintendent is not a voting member of the board.

Regional Board of School Trustees for Franklin-Johnson-Massac-Williamson Counties are:

Member County of Residence Term Expires Office Held
Shawn Tuthill Williamson May 2023 President
David Goss Franklin May 2023
Lou Parker Johnson May 2023
Marleis Trover Johnson May 2025
Wesley Lehman Williamson May 2022
Jean Chamness Franklin May 2025

Regional Board of School Trustees Vacancy

After the permanent Regional Board of School Trustees (RBST) for Franklin-Johnson-Massac-Williamson Counties was organized and seated at their meeting on Monday, May 20, 2019, board members declared that there was one vacancy as only two people were on the ballot at the April 2nd Consolidated Election.

By state law, the other members of the Regional Board will appoint a person to fill the seat. The volunteer appointee is required to live in Massac County since all other counties are represented on the board.

To be eligible to serve on the RBST, a person must live in the territory of ROE #21, be qualified to vote in the election for members of the RBST (live in the 22 public school districts overseen by ROE #21). In addition, members cannot serve as a member of a local school board, be a school board employee, or who holds any county office. Details may be found here.

Anyone interested in being appointed to the FJMW RBST should send a letter of letter of interest that describes their qualifications to ROE #21 at 901 Public Square in Benton, Illinois at 62812. Letters of interest will be taken until filled.

The FJMW RBST will meet at the next scheduled meeting on July 8, 2019 to fill the vacant spots. The current members of the Board are David Goss (Franklin Co.), Jean Chamness (Franklin Co.), Shawn Tuthill (Williamson Co.), Wesley Lehman (Williamson Co.), and Lou Parker (Johnson Co.), Marleis Trover (Johnson Co.). Tuthill was selected as President of the Board at their Organizational Meeting.

For any questions, please call ROE #21 at (618) 438-9711.

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