Bus Driver Training

For the State of Illinois requirements for a bus driver, please see this CyberDrive Illinois page.

Each Regional Office of Education is responsible for conducting two types of Bus Driver trainings.

  • An 8-hour initial training that is required for all new school bus drivers prior to getting a bus permit
  • An annual 2-hour refresher workshop that is required within the 12 month period prior to renewing their school bus permit.

Experienced drivers must take a 2-hour refresher workshop annually, and all ned drivers must take an 8-hour training in school bus driver safety and first aid, as prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education and administered by the ROE.

Please call our Franklin County Office to register for a bus class. You may click here (this would take them to the calendar page) to view our upcoming Initial and Refresher Trainings.

When attending these trainings, please remember the following:

When attending these trainings, please remember the following:

  1. Bring a pen or pencil
  2. Have you Drivers License with you
  3. If attending 8 hour Saturday classes, please bring a lunch
  4. Please be on time

COVID-19 Update:

On Friday April 10th Secretary Jesse White announced that an Emergency Rule was filed to extend the expiration dates for DLs. IDs, vehicle registrations, other transactions and document filings for at least 90 days after Driver Services Facilities reopen. Full Announcement