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SecurED Schools 2022

Virtual Meeting IL

SecurED Schools is an annual conference hosted by the Learning Technology Center that focuses on cybersecurity and data privacy best practices, strategies, and tools. Over two days, attendees participate in hands-on demonstrations, panel discussions, and presentations led by local, state, and national experts. The goal 

Response to Intervention (RtI) at the Secondary Level | Virtual

So how does RtI fit into  a Secondary Level model?  Over the past decade, RtI has seen widespread use in schools as an effective way to promote student learning. The strategies are multi-tiered approaches to identify and address the learning needs of students. The interventions 


Universal Design for Learning


Dr. Lee Ann Jung Founder and CEO of Lead Inclusion Clinical Professor • SDSU Dr. Jung provides support to schools in the areas of universal design for learning, inclusion, intervention, and mastery-based assessment and grading. Before beginning a career in higher education she worked