Obtaining your GED Transcript & Certificate

Once you have passed your GED test and Constitution test, you are eligible to obtain your GED Transcript and Certificate.  The State required fees are:  $10 for each Transcript, and $10 for each Certificate.  The GED transcript and certificate can be only obtained at the local ROE of your residence as provided on your GED registration. ROE 21 can only administer GED transcripts and certificates to people who are registered as residents of Franklin, Johnson, Massac, or Williamson county with the GED Testing Service.

To obtain in person:  Bring your State of Illinois driver’s license other form of photo ID as well as the fee (cash, money order, or certified check – no personal checks accepted.)

By mail: Complete and mail this with a copy of a valid photo ID, and appropriate payment (cash, money order, certified check –no personal checks accepted.) Candidate’s signature and copy of photo ID is required for processing the request. This ROE21 GED Request Form can also be used by employers and educational institutions.

If you were not registered with GED as a resident of a ROE 21 county (Franklin, Johnson, Massac, Williamson) at the time of your GED test, you will need to contact the ROE in the county you gave as your residence when registering for the GED test.  For a listing of ROE’s and their counties in Illinois, go to:  http://iccbdbsrv.iccb.org/roesearch/home.cfm

If you have any questions about GED Testing, or the ROE 21’s GED testing services, please call our office.