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The GED Testing Service provides persons who have not graduated from high school the opportunity to earth a high school equivalency certificate through the test of General Education Development (GED)

Test Eligibility

An individual is eligible to take the GED test if the meet all the following conditions:

  • Is 17 years of age or older*
  • Does not have a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate
  • Is a resident of the State of Illinois

*If an individual is 17 years of age and has been enrolled public, private, or home school setting in the last 12 months, they must present a withdrawal letter from the last school attended before taking the GED test.  Proof of withdrawal can be emailed to leann.arsenault@illinois.gov or faxed to 217-558-6700

Upcoming Test Dates

There are no upcoming events at this time.

About the GED Test

The current GED Test (2014) is divided into four subject areas.  The time allotted for the entire test is approximately 7 ½ hours.  There are only 4 10-minute break given during the test time, if one takes all four sections of the test in one day.  ROE 21 recommends the taker divide the test taking experience into one or two subtest per day, if possible.  The four sections of the test:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts (includes a 10-minute break) – 150 minutes
  • Mathematical Reasoning – 120 minutes
  • Social Studies – 70 minutes
  • Science – 90 minutes

The cost is $30 per test session, or $120 for the entire test.  Credit/Debit Card is required.

A score of passing score 145 or above is required for each section.  Once the test taker has achieved a score of 145 on each section, the GED test is passed.  Test takers can take each subtest test three times.  After the third attempt for each subtest, a 60 day waiting period is required.

For more information on GED testing, go to:



ROE 21 GED Constitution

Constitution Test also required in Illinois

In addition to passing the 4 sections of the GED test, the State of Illinois requires the test taker to take a Constitution Test before receiving their GED Certificate.  This Constitution test is a 60 question multiple choice test (score of 36 is passing) covering the U.S. Constitution, Illinois Constitution, U.S. Flag, and Declaration of Independence.  The Constitution test can be taken at an ROE 21 office ifyou are a resident of Franklin, Williamson, Johnson, or Massac county.  Simply call the office in advance to arrange a test date and time.

If you took the Constitution Test in high school (in government/civics class), you can bring a copy of your high school transcript showing you passed the Constitution test to one of our ROE 21 offices.  Also, the Constitution test can be taken through GED classes at a community college.  A certificate from that college showing the date you passed the test can be used as proof you have already passed the Constitution test.  Bring that certificate to one of our ROE 21 offices

For those taking the Constitution test, a Constitution Test study guide is available at the ROE21 office for $2.50.  Also, you can find a free online Constitution Test study guide at:   https://sites.google.com/site/constitutionstudyguide/

How to Register for the GED

Go to the GED Testing Service Website at www.GED.com, where you can sign up for an account.  After providing a username and password, the site contains study plans, practice tests, materials, and more.  You will schedule your test through this site as well.  After you take each subtest, the GED Testing Service will email you your test results at the email address you used when registering, usually within the same day.

If you have questions or difficulty with the website, you can contact GED testing at (877) 392-6433.

For Information on free GED classes:

John A. Logan College

Southeastern Illinois College

Rend Lake College
Click here for more information about the Skills Center at Rend Lake College.

Shawnee College

ROE 21 GED Testing Services

The Regional Office of Education #21 is happy to assist persons who have not graduated from high school and are interested in the opportunity to earn their GED and receive their transcript and certificate.  The Illinois State Board of Education has the responsibility for coordinating a statewide system for the issuance of high school equivalency certificates. While the registration process is completed at www.GED.com, ROEs have administrative and certificate issuance authority in all regions of the state, except Cook County. ROE 21 has a GED testing site, and it is through our office that you receive your GED transcript and certificate when you have passed the test.  You must be registered with GED as a resident of Franklin, Johnson, Massac or Williamson county for us to be able to print your transcript or certificate.  Also, if you have any questions about the GED and taking the test, please contact us.

ROE 21 GED Testing Site

ROE 21 offers a GED testing site at John A. Logan College in Carterville, Illinois.  The test is given in a computer lab at the college.  This test site at John A. Logan College will be offered to you when you register for your test on the GED website.

ROE 21 GED Test Site: John A. Logan College in Carterville Illinois, Room C231A

Test Center Hours:  9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  The GED test is given every first and third Tuesday of the month.  Days are added when high registration warrants it.

Directions to ROE21 GED Test Site:

  1. John A. Logan College is located on Illinois Route 13, Carterville, Illinois at Greenbrier Road.2
  2. Enter main entrance to John A. Logan on the west side of the main building (Building C). Take the stairs (or elevator) to the left up to C hall.  Continue to follow C hall (turning left at end of first hall) and continue to follow C hall until you see the  GED Testing Today   (A college Information booth for directions is to right of entrance as you enter)

Testing at the site is offered on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  Additional days are added on Fridays as increased registration demands.  Registering in advance for the test must be done on www.GED.com.

There is also an GED/High School Equivalency testing site at Shawnee College in Ullin, Illinois.  For information at this test site, go to:


Those who take the test at Shawnee College will receive their transcript and certificate from ROE 21.  If the Constitution test is not taken at Shawnee College, it can be administered by an ROE 21 office.

You are free to take the GED test at any testing site in the State of Illinois, though you can only obtain your GED transcript and certificate through your local ROE. (see Obtaining the GED Transcript and Certificate below)

Obtaining your GED Transcript and Certificate

Once you have passed your GED test and Constitution test, you are eligible to obtain your GED Transcript and Certificate.  The State required fees are:  $10 for each Transcript, and $10 for each Certificate.  The GED transcript and certificate can be only obtained at the local ROE of your residence as provided on your GED registration. ROE 21 can only administer GED transcripts and certificates to people who are registered as residents of Franklin, Johnson, Massac, or Williamson county with the GED Testing Service.

To obtain in person:  Bring your State of Illinois driver’s license other form of photo ID as well as the fee (cash, money order, or certified check – no personal checks accepted.)

By mail: Complete and mail this GED Request Form with a copy of a valid photo ID, and appropriate payment (cash, money order, certified check –no personal checks accepted.) Candidate’s signature and copy of photo ID is required for processing the request. This ROE21 GED Request Form can also be used by employers and educational institutions.

If you were not registered with GED as a resident of a ROE 21 county (Franklin, Johnson, Massac, Williamson) at the time of your GED test, you will need to contact the ROE in the county you gave as your residence when registering for the GED test.  For a listing of ROE’s and their counties in Illinois, go to:  http://iccbdbsrv.iccb.org/roesearch/home.cfm

If you have any questions about GED Testing, or the ROE 21’s GED testing services, please call our office.