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Assistant Business Manager Job Description

Goal:  Under the general direction of the Vienna #55 Business Manager and Superintendent, the Assistant Business Manager shall assist the Business Manager with any delegated or assigned district financial or business operation, following the general policies provided by the Vienna District #55 Board of Education.


·         Experience in bookkeeping, accounting or business operations

·         A high school diploma and related experience.  An associate degree or four year degree is preferred and related experience.

Reports To:  Vienna District #55 Business Manager and the District #55 Superintendent

Terms of Employment:  Confidential Personnel position, part-time, twelve months a year.  Salary and work year to be established by the Superintendent and approved by the Vienna District #55 Board of Education.

Evaluation:  Performance of this job will be evaluated by the Vienna District #55 Business Manager and Superintendent.

Performance Responsibilities:

·         Assist the Business Manager with assigned/delegated district financial operations and contribute as a positive member of the Central Office/Administrative Team.

·         Assist the Business Manager with the development and maintenance of financial operations designed to carry out the Mission, Goals and policies of the Vienna District #55 Board of Education.

·         Assist the Business Manager with ensuring control policies, guidelines and procedures for activities for assigned/delegated bookkeeping activities.

·         Assist the Business Manager with the administration of the District’s business operations in conformity with adopted policies of the Vienna #55 Board of Education, State and Federal laws and regulations and any and all other school district business office laws and regulations.

·         Assist the Business Manager with managing monthly transactions related to the purchased goods/services, accounts payable, accounts receivable, claim coding, payroll, general fund, activity fund, building fund, school meals fund and all other business office services as assigned or delegated by the Business Manager or Superintendent.

·         Assist the Business Manager with ensuring business office internal controls and procedures for activities such as cash and credit management, accounting, bookkeeping, and budget administration.

·         Assist the Business Manager to complete or oversee the completion of, within the scope of the Business Manager’s responsibilities, all State and Federal reports and forms required by ISBE, Federal grants, and any other governmental agencies meeting all reporting deadlines.

·         Assist the Business Manager to serve as the custodian and maintain directly or through delegation records related to personnel, students, business, and other records that are required by State or Federal law or Vienna District #55 Board Policy.

·         Maintain confidentiality of information concerning staff, students, parents/guardians in accordance with law and District #55 Board of Education Policy.

·         Adhere to the Code of Ethics of District #55.  The Assistant Business Manager must serve as a positive role model for students and staff.

·         Perform other tasks or business office duties as assigned by the Business Manager and approved by the District #55 Superintendent.

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