Vienna Grade School

Website Vienna Public School District #55

CLASSIFICATION: Administrator (1.0 FTE)

REPORTS TO:  Building Superintendent/Principal

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  200 days per year

RE:  Building Principal


Job Summary:  Provide additional administrative support(s) to improve teaching and learning, school health-life-safety, monitor school improvement initiatives, and ensure a positive school climate for students, staff and stakeholders.



1.      Develop, implement, and monitor school safety policy and procedures.  Lead all activities related to school safety and school health-life-safety (i.e., IL ROE #21 and IL Fire Marshal compliance) items and report to the Superintendent.

2.      Develop, update and maintain the District’s Emergency and Crisis Response Plan.

3.      Lead and implement all policy and procedure(s) to monitor and reduce student truancy for the District.

4.      Coordinate and lead all Character Education Program initiatives for the District.

5.      Lead, implement and monitor policy and procedure(s) related to Social-Emotional Learning Standards and Adverse Children’s Experiences (ACES) school improvement initiatives.

6.      Remain a standing member of the District #55 Leadership Development Team/Committee.

7.      Participate and/or provide needed information to the Rams’ Problem Solving Team to assist in the Response to Intervention Program.

8.      Will have authority in the interests of the District to make recommendations to the Superintendent and the Board of Education, using independent judgement, concerning to hire, transfer, suspension, lay off, recall, promotion, discharge, reward or discipline of certified and non-certified employee; will have the authority to adjust certified and non-certified employee grievances filed at the supervisory level.

9.      Evaluation of certified staff, as assigned by the Superintendent.

10.  Supervise after school events/activities, as assigned.

11.  Support the overall management of students for the purpose of improving student learning and growth.

12.  Perform all other duties and responsibilities as taken and/or assigned by the District #55 administration and BOE.



·         Standard IL Teaching Licensure with a minimum of four (4) years of full-time teaching experience in a certified position within a public school setting required.

·         An IL Type 75 Administrative License is required.

·         An ISBE Teacher Evaluator approval is required.

·         Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with students, parents, staff, administration and respective stakeholders.

·         Must be willing to maintain appearance and professionalism assigned to duties and responsibilities.



·         Performance of the Assistant Principal responsibilities will be formally evaluated with provisions of [1] Public Act 94-1039 (ILCS 24A-15), and [2] the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) – 105 ILCS 5/24-25

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