Requirements for Placement on the ROE#21 Substitute Listing

ROE #21 hosts a list of eligible substitute teachers.  This list is available for public and private schools. For information about getting on the list, see the information below. 

New Substitute Teachers

  1. Educator must hold a Professional Educator License (PEL), a Substitute Teaching (SUB) License, a Short-Term Substitute Teaching (STS) License, or an Educator License with Stipulations endorsed as a Teacher’s Aide (PARA).
  2. The license must be registered in ROE #21. (Registration fee paid online through ELIS account).
  3. Educator must complete the Substitute Listing Application form for Substitute Teacher.
  4. Educator must have a Health Exam completed within the past year and a TB test within 90 days of employment.
  5. Educator must completed the Mandated Reporter Form ***attachment***
  6. Once all steps above have been completed, educator must undergo a criminal background investigation. During this investigation, educators will be fingerprinted and names will be checked through the Illinois State Police Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry and the Child Sex Offender Registry. The fee for the background check is $55.00.
  7. Please call one of our offices for an appointment to schedule your background check.
  8. Please bring all required paperwork with you to your appointment for a Background Check. Once your background check results have been received by our office, you will be mailed a Substitute Authorization Certificate and you will be placed on our Substitute Listing.

Returning Substitute Teachers

If you have previously been fingerprinted by ROE 21, have a Health Form on file, and were on the previous year’s list for the past school year, you will be rolled over and be placed on the next year’s Substitute Teacher Listing, unless you opt out. 

If you have had a break in service as a Substitute Teacher on our listing and you were removed from the listing at any time, you must reapply as a new substitute teacher by completing all paperwork .

If you would like to be removed from our Substitute Listing, or you need to update your information, please call one of our ROE #21 offices.