Illinois Licensure for Educators

ROE #21 stays current with changing regulations, laws, and policies in educator licensure and acts as a liaison between the Regional Office of Education and the State Educator Licensure Board (ISBE) for applicants, school districts, and other interested parties.

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Become a Licensed Educator!

Looking to become a licensed teacher? The Golden Apple Accelerator's Program is a 15-month pathway for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree. Accelerators take virtual courses at one of four partner colleges/universities. They also complete a residency in a school within their community. The residency lasts an entire school year and takes place during the 15 months. After completing the program, Accelerators will have earned their Professional Educators License and be ready to enter the classroom for the 25/26 school year!

To support Accelerators, The Golden Apple Foundation pays the tuition and fees for the virtual coursework, provides the Accelerator a $10,000 stipend for any additional education expenses, and provides mentoring for three years! After obtaining their license, Accelerators agree to teach for four years in a partner district. Apply by January 10, 2024, to be considered for the Golden Apple Accelerators Program. 

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