Student Data Privacy​





Data We Collect:
Category Specific Data Data Use Can this be limited?
Student Name Last Name, First Name, Middle Name Required by ISBE NO
Student Contact Information Physical/Mailing Address, Email address, Phone Number Required by ISBE and Truancy program NO
Student Identifiers State ID number, student app username and password Required by ISBE and for monitoring NO
Demographics Date of Birth, Gender, Ethnicity/Race Required by ISBE NO
Enrollment Home School, Grade Level, Curriculum Programs, Year of Graduation Required by ISBE and RSSP program NO
Parent/Guardian Name Last Name, First Name Required by ISBE and Truancy program NO
Parent/Guardian Contact Information Mailing/Physical Address, Email Address, Phone Number Required by ISBE NO
Parent/Guardian Demographic Information Date of Birth Required by Truancy program  
Attendance Daily Attendance Data, Class Attendance Data Required by ISBE NO
Assessment Standardized Test Scores, Observation Data Required by ISBE NO
Communications Online communications, including email and instant messaging using school accounts Required for counseling and disciplinary actions  
Conduct Conduct or behavioral data Required by ISBE NO
Schedule Teacher Names, Scheduled Courses Required by ISBE NO
Special Indicator Medical/health data, disability information, specialized education services (such as IEP or 504), low income status, living situation (homeless/foster care) Required for ISBE and school support programs NO
Technology Use Meta Data IP address, Required for attendance and observation NO
Technology Use Performance Program/Application Performance:
Typing Program: Words-Per-Minute Typed
Required for assessment and observation NO
Student Work Student-Generated Content: Writing and Artwork Required for ISBE, assessment, and observation NO
Student-Generated Content: Images (Yearbook) Used for generating content to be distributed to students and school staff YES
Transcript Student Course Grades, Student Course Data Required by ISBE NO
Transportation Student bus assignment, student pickup/drop-off location Required by ISBE?