Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)
Leadership (LEAD) Grant

Pam Walden, Ed.S.

LEAD Hub Coordinator

As an educational HUB for Southern Illinois, ROE#21 was one of six ROEs in the state to receive the TEAM LEAD Grant. The program supports principals to become stronger leaders, and to create the conditions needed to improve teacher effectiveness. This capacity building will have a direct impact on student outcomes by ensuring that all school districts in the state have access to highly competent school leaders capable of improving instructional quality. 

Our purpose of this grant is to increase principal effectiveness in areas that lead to increases in student achievement.The project goals include developing effective principals in public and private schools located in rural, suburban, or urban settings that:

  • increase principal time spent on instruction improvements
  • improve instructional quality by engaging teachers in an on-going change process
  • positively impact student learning, particularly with high-need students

The project collaborates with six regions including Regional Offices of Education (ROE) 1, 17, 19, 21, 28, and 50.  Each hub is staffed with a LEAD Coordinator to help facilitate the work and maximize the outcomes of the LEAD Project.