Minor Work Permits

For students under the age of 16, there is a process to obtain a work permit. The Regional Office of Education has made this process efficient and smooth for parents and students.

The Illinois Child Labor Law requires employers to secure and keep on file Employment Certificates (work permits) for children under 16 years of age. The Regional Superintendent of Schools acts as the issuing officer for the Department of Labor. The permits are issued after all requirements of the Law have been met (Sec. 12, IL Child Labor Law).

The links below are all of the required documents needed for us to issue a work permit.

You must bring all required documents with you to the Regional Office of Education, and we will review and issue the work permit.

Obtaining a Work Permit for a Minor

Applications may be obtained in the office at the Regional Office of Education #21 at any location or printed from this link - Work Permit Application.

ROE #21 Work Permit Packet

The four forms include: (click on each of the forms below to download and print)

  • When you find a job, you need a "letter of intent to hire" from the prospective employer. It must outline the hours you will be working and what you will be doing.

  • Provide the completed form or a copy of a health exam completed within the last year.

  • To be completed by the principal (if the minor will be working during the school year).

  • A parent or guardian must grant the minor permission to work.

Once the paperwork is completed, the minor AND the parent or guardian must bring the forms to our office with an official birth certificate and the minor's Social Security card.

ROE #21 has Department of Labor Issuing Officers available in each office. 

Safety First - Common Prohibited Occupations

Work is Prohibited IN ANY CAPACITY

  • On premises where liquor is served.
  • Occupations at filling or service stations, including the retail portion thereof.
  • Occupations requiring the use of power-driven machinery.
  • Most occupations in logging and saw milling.
  • Any occupation in construction, including demolition and repair.
  • Occupations involving the use of ladders, scaffolds, or their substitutes.
  • Occupations involving contact with moving vehicles.
  • Occupations involving laundry, dry-cleaning or rug cleaning equipment.
  • For a complete list please refer to the Child Labor Law, 820-ILCS 205/1-22.

Child Labor Hotline: 800-645-5784

Child Labor Law Information: 312-793-2804

More information can be found here: